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Caribbean Blue Boat Charters

  • Mon: 8:00AM - 6:00PM
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Enter a world of unsurpassed pristine beauty!

Onboard one of our vessels, you will enjoy your day of wonder in supreme comfort. Caribbean Blue Boat Charters offers you 35 ft Marlins with the latest equipment and safety features technology has to offer. They run a pair of 300HP 4-stroke Yamahas regularly and professionally serviced at the Yamaha dealership. Specifically chosen for their smooth and dry ride make for a very pleasurable day on the Caribbean Sea. Marlins have been quoted to ride like "Cadillacs" on the water. Comfort not only comes with how our vessels handle our seas but also offer ample seating both in the bow and aft of the boat. The unique Karma lounge offers a spacious and cozy changing room as well as a bathroom which always pleases the ladies.

Please see the following optional list of captains you can choose from who are fully licensed, extremely familiar with our boats, and the surrounding waters of the Virgin Islands. Your captain, your day, your way. You are in charge to choose your destination.

Caribbean Blue Boat Charters not only offers the best boats the Virgin Islands have to offer but we also go to great lengths to make sure that the captains not only are extremely knowledgeable of all the wonders of the islands, fully licensed 200 ton capacity as well as many safety certifications, they are also always FUN and Entertaining! Don't be surprised if you run into your captains in the evening playing in a band ...