Nightlife on St. Croix

Jazz and Traditional Carribean Nights on St. Croix

When night falls in St. Croix it’s all about music, food and good times.

St. Croix might not have a nightlife scene as large as the one in St. Thomas, but there is still a great party happening after dark on this paradise-like Caribbean island. The nightlife here generally consists of dining at one of the excellent local restaurants, then hanging out at a casual and welcoming bar where you can meet new people, listen to live music and bust a move on an open air dance floor.

Nightlife in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

If you love jazz, head to The Blue Moon in the historic Victoria House where you can listen to some of the best live jazz and blues on the island. Also, St. Croix is home to the only casino on the US Virgin Islands – so if you are feeling lucky you can try out the slots or tables. The casino also hosts many performers and musical shows for your own entertainment. You can also check out a great selection of live performances, plays and musicals at the Performing Arts Centre.

A lot of the nightlife in St. Croix is centred on the resorts and hotels, so check out what they have to offer. Many will have Caribbean evenings that include shows, buffets and barbecues on the beach, which is a great laid back atmosphere for making friends. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to attend these fun and laid back events.

The only micro-brewery in the Virgin Islands is located in St. Croix! Fort Christian Brew Pub has a wonderful selection of handcrafted ales as well as a tasty food menu with unique pub fare such as steamed mussels, duck, crab and fresh local fish.

If you get a chance, try to catch a performance of the Quadrille, a traditional dance that is a real cultural treat. It is performed by women wearing long dresses, turbans and white gloves and men wearing flamboyant shirts and tight black trousers.

The natural nightlife of St. Croix is also quite fascinating – such as late night turtle watching events that are sponsored by the St. Croix Environmental Association. Also, try a night dive hosted by one of the local scuba centres and see what the local marine creatures are up to after dark.

Divi Carina Bay Casino

5025 Turner Hole
St. Croix, 00820

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Flamboyant Beach Bar at Carambola

Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa
St. Croix, 00850

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Ft. Christian Brew Pub

55 King's Alley Walk, Strand Ln
St. Croix, 00820

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