Driver Hires on the Virgin Islands

Prearrange your transportation with a private driver and get driven around the islands in style without the need to divert most of your attention to the road. There are many exceptional limousine and driver-for-hire businesses around the US Virgin Islands, and the cost of this premium service may be a lot lower than you think, especially when split amongst a group.

Certain taxi companies also allow prearranged driver requests for pickup from the cruise docks or the airport. They can also be a very nice luxury while going island hopping, as they eliminate your need to worry about parking as you go along, and they will be there waiting when you are ready to leave. All driver and taxi services are regulated by the Virgin Islands Taxi Division and rides are not charged by meter, but instead by the destination and the number of passengers.

Special taxis called “safari buses” can also be a fun way to travel around. The safari bus is a converted truck with metal benches bolted in the bed for passengers. These open air rides can be a ton of fun on the winding and curving island roads, and if you happen to be lucky, you may stumble upon a driver offering “dollar rides” to close destinations.

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