Inter-Island Airlines on the Virgin Islands

Each one of the United States Virgin Islands has unique and unforgettable places to discover. Commuter airlines that jump from one island to the next is an easy way to see the unique beauty of each island instead of only one! There are more than 120 total islands in the Virgin Islands, but a great majority of them are uninhabited pieces of land. The 8 large islands that do have inhabitants, however, each have something unique and worthy of exploration. St. John, which is mostly made up of mostly National Forest, does not have an airport, and can only be reached by ferry, water taxi, or boat.

St. Thomas has the largest airport, which is why most commercial airlines drop off their passengers there and then let them disperse to the other islands via smaller planes. There are a number of companies that offer these commuter flights between islands, and it usually only takes about 20 minutes to fly from one to the next.

Cape Air

Cyril E. King Airport
Charlotte Amalie West
St. Thomas, 00803

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