Water Taxis on the Virgin Islands

Just like on the land, the Virgin Islands have multiple options when it comes to commuting by water. In addition to ferries, private water taxis can also be used to get from one island to the next, along with your vehicle and family.  Water taxis are available in all major ports and docking areas, and are a great transportation option, especially for those who like to avoid the crowds. 

Here are some of the USVI’s highest-rated water taxi companies:

Dohm's Water Taxi

Friendly and dependable, Dohms has been a trusted water taxi service provider since 1948. Peter Dohm was the owner of the very first boat repair service in Redhook, and began his taxi business because stranded boat owners were so often asking him for rides to other islands.

St Thomas Water Taxi

St. Thomas Water Taxi is a full service taxi company who will handle everything from the airport to one of their island locations. From there one of their experienced catamaran captains will escort you to your final destination. They offer 24 hour taxi service for up to 8 passengers.

Dolphin Water Taxi

Dolphin offers ferry rides and private rides to all the major Virgin Island destinations. Great service at great rates.

Inter Island Boat Service

P.O Box 548
Red Hook
St. Thomas, 00831

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See and Ski Powerboat Rentals

6501 Red Hook Plaza, Ste. 201
East End
St. Thomas, 00802

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St. Thomas Water Taxi

Sapphire Bay Marina, Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway
East End
St. Thomas, 00802

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