St. John History and Location

St. John - An Island with a Deep History

St. John has a deep and rich history that stretches back to the year 300, when the Arawak people migrated to the island from Colombia and Venezuela. The Arawak remained on the island for roughly 1000 years before being driven off by the more aggressive Carib peoples.

Ancient History and Colonization

There is evidence from archeological digs that suggest the first inhabitants of St. John came around 770 BC. More recently there is evidence that points to a migration of the Arawak people from Colombia and Venezuela around 300 AD. Some evidence of their almost 1000 years on the island, before being displaced by the Carib people, can still be found. Extensive archeological work has been undertaken at Cinnamon Bay that may yield further information about pre-Columbian life on the island.

Despite British claim to the island, the Danish government claimed possession of St. John in 1684. While there were never extensive, formal hostilities, the two governments squabbled over possession until 1762, when the British relinquished their claims to the Danes. After formal possession, the Danes quickly expanded their footprint across a multitude of plantations for sugar and cotton.

Agricultural Production

The natural environment on St. John is not well suited for large scale production of sugar cane or cotton. As such, after clearing trees for plantations, the soil was found to be thin and lacking nutrients. Ash and other supplements were required to ensure crop production. St. John also lacked a sufficient labor base to handle the scale of the production initiated by the Danes. Slaves from Africa, and indentured servants, were imported en masse.

1733 Rebellion

One of the most significant events in St. John’s history is the slave revolt of 1733. Poor treatment, harsh living conditions, fear of famine and other factors led to desperation and, ultimately, an armed revolt by the slaves. After a small group of slaves overtook the garrison by surprise, they fired a cannon to alert others across the island that the revolt was underway. Over a six month period, more than a quarter of the approximately 1200 inhabitants were killed. Only after support from Spanish and French soldiers arrived from neighboring islands was the revolt suppressed and order restored.

Abolishment of Slavery

The Danish government enacted a 12 year plan to abolish slavery in the 1840s. However, upon hearing the plan, the St. John slaves stated they were not interested in waiting and, after a massive revolt on the island of St. Croix, the Danish governor immediately abolished slavery on the island. Unfortunately, similar to the history of St. Croix, the economy of St. John quickly crumbled as plantations fell into disarray and competition from Puerto Rico left the sugarcane industry profitless. By the early 1900s the inhabitants of St. John were essentially surviving on subsistence farming.

United State Purchase

The United States purchase St. John in 1917 from the Danish government as a part of other purchases made for military strategy purposes.

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Cruz Bay
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Coral Bay
St. John, 00830


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P.O. Box 716
Cruz Bay
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Join us on our daily scuba diving or snorkeling tours and discover why St. John is more fun UNDER the water.

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St. John
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All inclusive full day and half day sails, sunset sails, and adventures on St. John, the Soggy Dollar Bar or White Bay. Customized private charters available for groups, honeymoons, newlyweds, and kids.

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