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Founded in the late 1600s, Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the Virgin Islands, has a rich history woven from the fabric of explorers, conquerors and pirates. This “Old World” charm beckons visitors to the white sandy beaches and cobblestone streets, walkways and alleys of Charlotte Amalie. Today, as one of the busiest ports of call in the archipelago, the city also offers some of the best shopping in the world. Ironically, it is often referred to as the “Duty Free Capital of the World”! There are plenty of opportunities to explore history, have family-friendly fun, or experience high adventure.

Danish Traditions, Historic Architecture in Charlotte Amalie

The city is decidedly Danish, with much of its architecture, structures, and names taken from Dutch colonial times. Hence, it is divided into three sections, or Quarters. The Kongens (King’s), Dronningens (Queen’s) and Kronprindsens (Crown Prince’s) St. Thomas Quarters all have their own special character. In fact, Charlotte Amalie, USVI has the largest collection of colonial buildings in the Caribbean and is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

For those interested in the history of St. Thomas, experiencing the castles of the pirates Blackbeard and Bluebeard is a must, as is taking in Fort Christian and the Frederick Lutheran Church, all of which were built in the 1600s. Slightly less ancient, but no less stunning, are the Haagensen House, the famous 99 Steps Street, the Emancipation Gardens, and the Seven Arches Museum of Charlotte Amalie.

If you’re looking for adventurous activities in Charlotte Amalie, there are a plethora of sports waiting for you in its crystal blue Caribbean waters. You will discover many exciting options for kayaking, canoeing, scuba and snorkeling across St. Thomas, but especially in Charlotte Amalie. For those craving a land-based adventure, the area also offers a number of hiking and camping tours.

Family-friendly Activities in Charlotte Amalie

Family fun is easy to find in Charlotte Amalie. Coral World is one of the city’s top attractions, with numerous large aquariums and a shark tank to view sea life. The tram to Paradise Point is also a worthwhile memory, not to mention photo opportunity! The Paradise Point tram takes you into the St. Thomas mountains and offers some of the best scenic views of the entire island. If you find yourself in need of an activity in downtown Charlotte Amalie, check out the Magic Ice sculpture bar—a super “cool” experience in the heart of the warm Caribbean.


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