Weather on St. Thomas

The Gorgeous Weather of St. Thomas

Pack the sunscreen and your shades—in St. Thomas the weather will be balmy and beautiful. The island is blessed with pleasant trade winds and it has a tropical savanna climate with dry winters.

St. Thomas has a warm season that lasts from June to September and a cold season from December to March. During this time the hottest temperature can reach 87°F and during the cold season the average low is 73°F. The sunshine is very strong, so keep yourself protected with a hat and sunscreen and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Is There a Rainy Season?

The US Virgin Islands do not really have a rainy season, which is an advantage that they offer over other tropical destinations. When it does rain the showers will usually occur at night or early in the morning and they will last only an hour or two. All day downpours are not very common, which means that there is little chance the rain will spoil your plans during your vacation.

The ideal time to visit St. Thomas is between April and June, when you will be able to expect mild weather and little rainfall. The rainiest time of year is between September and November, although even during this time of year there is only a relatively small chance of rain on most days.

Many tourists visit the island during the winter months from mid-December to mid-April, so if you visit during this time the resorts and attractions will be quite crowded and you will need to make reservations in advance.

What is the Hottest Time of Year?

The hottest time of the year is June, July and August when the temperature is in the mid-80s. The water temperature does not change greatly from the summer to the winter, it is always warm and pleasant for swimming and snorkeling.

What About Hurricanes?

Hurricane season on St. Thomas runs from June 1st to November 30th and the development of these tropical storms is monitored carefully. Warnings will be given several days in advance, so keep yourself informed. The last major hurricane to affect the islands was Hurricane Marilyn in September 1995.

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